Today, Danish artist Goss releases his debut album Group Therapy. This is an album which almost has been therapeutic by revealing his own personal secrets and shaping them into songs in a way that connects with his listeners. Group Therapy is an album where listeners can reflect themselves and their own feeling and hopefully be a form of therapy for them as well. We had a chat with him about his process, have a listen and read below.

Hello Goss, how are you today?

I am good! I’ve been spending a couple of days in a summer house in the countryside this week. So I’m fully loaded and ready to celebrate that I have an album out:)

How does it feel to have the album out today?

It is a two-sided feeling. A part of me is a bit tense. Cause I am curious if people are gonna understand the album and connect with it. But then there’s the other part of me which is really excited that the record is finally out. I am very proud of it myself and that is what matters the most. I can’t wait to get out and play it live though. It’s as if the record is not completely manifested before you are out there playing it to people face to face

What would you like people to take from the album?

I’m not completely sure. I wasn’t designed to give people a specific feeling. I just wrote the songs that I felt were important to me without having in mind what I would do to other people. And I think that is the most honest way. I hope it will mean different things to different people. I think the best albums do that.

How was the recording process? Who did you work with?

The album has been recorded in many different places. I recorded the last songs for the album in a summerhouse during the quarantine. Some of them have also been recorded in my home. And then I have mainly been working in 2 different studios in Copenhagen. As well as having worked closely with 3 different people. Tobias laust (who is in the band called Liss has been a part of forming the sound. Jakob Littauer who works under the artist name Yangze. And lastly a guitar player called Søren Breum. They have all been a huge part of making the album.

I have been obsessed with country music for the past couple of years. It was a genre that had stayed completely hidden for me up until that point. So a lot of the process has been about how to take some of the things that I love about country music and turn it into something completely different. It has been a very exciting process cause I feel like there is a big hidden potential in country music. It is a genre that is super conservative and a genre that not a lot of people have tried to really innovate. I found that very motivating.

How has Covid effected live plans in Denmark?

It has had a huge effect. All the summer festivals were cancelled.. Shows are slowly starting to happen, but all shows have to be seated. And the capacity of the venues are way lower. I had some really nice shows line up that were cancelled. For instance a show at the biggest festival in Mexico that I was really looking forward to. It has also brought a couple of good things though. It has helped me to realize how important live shows are in my life. They are a big part of how I function as a human being. I need to do play concerts to process my life in the best way. And the pandemic has been a reminder of that.

Have you managed to create as you usually would?

Yes! I even think it helped me finish the album. The lockdown helped me to get the focus I needed to write the last couple of songs and finish the thing. It created a very unique creative energy. Normally I let myself be “disturbed” by a lot of things. But suddenly the entire country was on hold and it gave me the chance to experiment and dive deeper into some things.

What comes next from you?

I’m not quite sure. It’s gonna be exciting to see what the release of the record does to my creativity. I hope I can stay in the space of this album for a while. I want to write more songs in this energy and I like the sound that I have developed. But I have a tendency to always move on and do something completely different. So you never know.

You toured with Mura Masa- who would you like to join next?

I would love to tour with Miley Cyrus 🙂

Which Danish artists would you recommend we check out?

Yangze is amazing. His older brother School of X is a goat as well. Other favorites: Lowly, Iceage, MØ, Chinah, ML BUCH, Liss

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