7th April – Safari 

From the late 80s underground ascension of ‘new beat’, to modern day euro-house, Belgium have always pioneered at the forefront of cutting-edge electronic evolutions.

Goose’s latest suggests the nation’s influence isn’t waning. As their first full-length since a back end of 2012 – before flumping under the shadow of fellow native Stromae’s chart-smashing ‘Alors On Danse’ – it doesn’t stray far from the vigorous blueprint of their back-catalogue.

Whilst the release drags two or three songs too long in its sagging back-end, there’s generally a robust palette of ideas on offer. From the thwacking opener, to the ambient echoes of ‘Call Me’, to the fizzing and mysterious percussive interlude ‘Nightfall’ – What You Need often proves to be all too literal.

Along with the overdue re-emergence of Soulwax, Goose are spearheading a grandiose and big-beat twist in the Belgian electronic dynasty.

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