Glitches & Femme // Live Review

Birthdays – January 30th


Synths, big beats and bubblegum-pop clash at Birthdays tonight as Glitches and Femme hit the stage. Just like the stage lights, the two sets were glow, vibrant and hypnotic. Brilliantly warming up the audience, FEMME coloured the whole set a bright pink: candy rhymes, with that sassy touch that runs wild among MIA, Elliphant and Angel Haze among others, and a 90s aftertaste that literally screams ‘Gwen Stefani’ at every bootilicious bass line. Last but not least, FEMME had her Bullet Girls to back her up and shake the pom-poms. FEMME is a Pink Lady of the 2010s.

Less provocative, yet still equally enjoyable, the main course of the night was Glitches. The electronic-tinged pop trio blends in the power of beat and the analog ‘wall of sounds’: both guitar and keyboard find their dimension in the sophisticated soundscape they portray. However, the icing on the cake are the crystalline soaring vocals, driven by brooding emotional depth. The subtle darker edge makes them stand out among the other synth-y acts you might stumble across, and it’s a pleasure to see how they manage to translate this imperial feeling into their live performance. Crossing the line between the pop/dance/indie niches, they charm you with songs like their masterpiece “RGB”, surprisingly dropped in mid-set. Whether they are playing alone or backed by a 15-piece orchestra like at the old St. Pancras show later last year, Glitches are a pure bliss to listen to.