Whenever Girlhood drops new music it’s a surefire good time and their latest single ‘Sister’ is a pure ray of sunshine. Having just released the track this week, along with the announcement of their debut album coming later in the year, Christan Pinchbeck, one half of the London-based duo, shares five influential tracks.

Comprised of Pinchbeck and Tessa Cavanna, Girlhood’s resplendent sound has garnered them a great deal of acclaim since the project’s inception in 2017. On ‘Sister’ the duo’s flair for irresistible, cascading melodies and sublimely uplifting harmonies shines through as Cavanna’s honeyed, tender vocals meld with soulful piano and shimmering instrumentation. The track bursts with infectious vibrancy and has us even more excited for their upcoming self-titled debut album.

Speaking on the track, Cavanna says, “For me ‘Sister’ is about celebrating love in all her shapes, colours and sounds! These beautiful people throw their loving arms around us! I am thankful for Love and for ALL my sisters!”

Get to know Girlhood In Five…

Masta Ace // Good Ol Love

The simplicity and pitch perfect cutting of the hook sample is what I try to achieve whenever I first start a song. Finding that sweet spot, and then working the instrumental around it. I always end up making our songs much busier than I aim to when I start out, but I think that’s something to do with the organic nature of my writing process. One day we might be able to master the minimalism approach that Good Ol Love accomplishes.

Felix Laband // The Devil Threatens Me

Another example of combining a few perfect ingredients to make a massive ear worm. I remember wanting to recreate this sort of vibe but with only acoustic instruments, which formed the basis for most of the songs on the record. ‘My Boy’ was hugely inspired by Felix Laband. I think maybe in the future I’ll try and experiment with longer runtimes, at least more than 3 minutes!

The Avalanches // Because I’m Me

I have never heard a song more euphoric than ‘Because I’m Me’. We waited literally forever for a follow up to their classic debut, and it was totally worth it in my opinion. This is the total vibe we try and hit every time we sit down behind my piano. The production taught me that not everything should sound polished, the overall aesthetic is what’s important.

TLC // No Scrubs

I pretty much rip off that guitar line in every Girlhood song that has guitar in it. Helps to add such a groove and a 90’s nostalgia trip.

The Davis Sisters // I’ll Believe I’ll Go Back Home

Gospel is my heart and soul, and these sisters are the finest group I have discovered. When we are writing, I usually make a chorus melody inspired by one of their songs, something fresh for Tess to work around as a starting point. She always does something much better in its place, and twists it on its head which is the funnest part of working together.

Debut album Girlhood is due for release on October 23rd via Team Talk Records.