Rough Trade Records – September 27th

From the rasping, panicked breaths of ‘Prolix’ to the electrifying distortion of ‘Ereignis’, Girl Band’s latest offering, The Talkies marks an aggressive and confrontational twelve-track follow-up to the Dublin punks’ 2015 debut, Holding Hands With Jamie. Pouring out the raw inner workings of his mind and facing his fears head-on, vocalist Dara Kiely’s performance is captivating throughout every track, driving the record through a surplus of twisting guitars and hammering drum beats. Outstanding single release, ‘Shoulderblades’ incorporates traces of post-industrial influence, while the eerie and chaotic blur of the aptly-named ‘Aibohphobia’ embodies a deep sense of terror. With its abstract and often humorous portrayals of emotion, the record’s harrowing atmosphere certainly doesn’t make for easy listening, but there’s something remarkably therapeutic in its underlying empathy.

Photo by Steve Gullick.

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Live: Electric Ballroom on November 5th