Ghum delivered an impressive sold-out headline show at Electrowerkz last week, as Lewis Budd details.

A band who have firmly positioned themselves in London’s pioneering post-punk scene, Ghum are gradually creeping up the pecking order of must-see bands in the capital, and last night’s sell-out proved why. Having met from different backgrounds (Spain, Essex, Brazil and London) Ghum have unified on creating a refreshing take on traditional post-punk, which has led by example in a set with glimmers of staple artists such as Joy Division & Boy Harsher.

In support, London’s Two Tribes displayed & captured the sounds, echoes & mistery that wouldn’t be out of place in an East German basement club. Their set presented a spray of synth-driven indulgence, danceability without restraint, and power vocals that channelled unchained potential. They’re definitely a band to watch out for in the near future.

With a maximum cap limit to toy with, Ghum debuted new tracks in the form of ‘Perro’, a track crashing in and out of voraciousness with their so-familiar screeching guitar lines, and ‘California’, a pleading and emotional compromise to fulfil dreams of escapism with lovers-lost, both transgressing well to a more-than eager audience. Closing the set, Ghum’s ‘1000 men’ established a haunting and atmospheric closing ceremony that built surreal cosmic tension for the band’s euphoric closure with lead single ‘Saturn’. From the off, the distinct channelling of ‘Saturn’’s piercing guitar tones programmed the Werkz into an eruption of energy and exhilaration. Chants demanding an encore subsequently followed but were hushed as the band calmly left the stage.

After the night’s response to a blistering start in the industry, surely we can begin to speculate about an equally exciting debut album?

Photo credit: Poppy Marriott