PC Music – 17th November

GFOTYBUCKS is like being locked in a room, on campus, at a house party, with a cheerleader from the year above you, who’s high as fuck on mephedrone and desperate to get outside and bang someone: there’s moments of absolute brilliance, but sometimes it’s just plain baffling. Basically there’s a lot of energy in the room you don’t quite understand.

This album isn’t for everyone. The staccato, children’s nursery rhymish lyrics are without a doubt funny and innovative but also they’re used a lot – on pretty much every track in fact. If you love the format, exactly as it is, then this is an album for you – you can feast on it, get high off of the lyrics versus beats vibe and dine for days. But if you’re looking for more risk, range and variation then this is an album you’ll lose interest in – tonally it’s all very very similar and many of the tracks are completely interchangeable with each other.

There are standout moments though. The deliciously alarming homage to Toni Braxton on ‘Unbreak My Heart’ is such a well timed what-the-fuck moment that you’ll question if it even happened at all. ‘Kiss’ is a hilarious, kind of sweet kind of creepy churner of a track which is very very catchy and just a touch grotesque.‘Friday Night’ which serves graphic storytelling realness “in the bathroom sucking dick, thanks for cumming, cumming quick, quicker than the other guys” spliced with awkward voicemails from knocked back boys.

The electronic with a healthy dose of dub intro on ‘Poison’ absolutely bangs but the rest of the song disappoints and ‘All The Small Things’ (this time a homage to Blink 182) completely undercuts the surprise factor and lol of ‘Unbreak My Heart’. It’s at that point that I decide, even though it’s been fun being locked in the room with this cheerleader, I’d rather go after her mate because GFOTY makes the same joke too many times and I really do love some variety.


Live: Five Miles Club – 23rd November