Geowulf are back with another well-crafted piece of hazy dream-pop that’s full with enough 70s vibes to induce a pang of nostalgia, whilst still being firmly focused on the future. “’Won’t Look Back’ is about trying to look forward and deciding to be excited about what might be next,” says Star, Geowulf’s singer.

That future for Australian duo Star Kendrick and Toma Banjanin looks to be bright; after a string of UK dates last month, the band have an upcoming date at The Great Escape and continue to build on their lo-fi summery sound with each successive release.

We had a quick chat with the duo to delve deeper into their musical influences. You can find all the info about Geowulf at The Great Escape here.

Ainslie Willis – So Soldier

Great track. We loved the feeling behind this song and listened to it quite a bit just as we started the project.

This song will always make me feel something that’s a bit hard to explain. Before I moved to Sweden, I packed up my life in Melbourne and drove 24 hours north back home just as the summer was coming. My friend from England came over and we did the drive together stopping every few hours at the beach. I think we were going through a similar thing at that time – just came out of heavy relationships and I think it was one of the most therapeutic drives for both of us. Felt entirely young, free and excited about the summer and the following year. We listened to album after album, but really went to town with this track. When I hear it now – everything in me reacts. I feel sad, peaceful, nostalgic, excited all at once.

Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

Bit of a cliche but this song never gets old. I guess it’s not hard to hear through Geowulf tracks a slight Fleetwood influence and it’s because we both love the band. From the early Peter Green days right through to Rumours/Tusk etc, there’s something pretty special going on. My mother used to always play this song as well so something feels like home when I hear it.

Anemone – Brian Jonestown Massacre

We both really love this track. It’s a bit different from the rest of their stuff because of the female lead vocals. I remember hearing this song before I started writing or doing music and thinking ‘oooooo maybe I could do something like that’. I like that it’s quite hypnotic and says not much and everything at the same time.

Open Up Your Door – Richard Hawley 

Just before we started writing for Geowulf, True Loves Gutter was a favourite, go-to record. I had made a playlist that I played all summer long. ‘Open Up Your Door’ was the second track. I just can’t get enough of it even after so many years. Love the washed out guitars, moody strings and baritone melodies.

Active Child – You Are All I See

Star and I used to live in a share house with our friend Jesse. He has this five way headphone splitter that we would use for these shared music listening sessions with our friends – basically we used to just sit around the living room, get high, plug in our headphones and listen to playlists that Jesse would make. On one of these playlists ‘You Are All I See’ came up and I was completely blown away, the track is magical. Ethereal male falsetto vocals, which I love and cascading harp sounds.

Photo by Tex Bishop.

Geowulf play The Great Escape on 19th May.