37 Adventures – February 16th

It’s maybe not so surprising that Geowulf – a duo made up of childhood friends Star Kendrick and Toma Banjanin – met on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. On first listen Great Big Blue is an album that oozes sunny laid-back charm, the sonic equivalent of driving down an empty road by the beach, sun blazing, saturation up high. Yet, underneath its poppy, blissed-out instrumentals, the album explores an expanse of late-night heartbreak. From the poppier end of the scale, where ‘Drink Too Much’ relays the experience of getting in trouble with a partner after drinking one too many, to the darker-sounding ‘Only High’, which laments someone only confessing their love for you whilst under the influence, Great Big Blue is a much-needed dose of summer come early with substance at its core.

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Live: The Lexington on February 28th