We caught up with Nottingham’s George Gretton after the release of his debut EP ‘Floods’. The 5 track EP is self-written and self-produced, each track resembling his feelings towards a different person in his life. Growing a reputation for innovative and experimental left-leaning pop, this EP is an amazing example of that and we can’t get enough of it, listen here.

Three words to describe my music…Wonky, sometimes sad

Last photo on your phone… The last photo I saved was this. Sorry in advance to Four Tet for this one..

The best venue I’ve played… Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham for a charity show. It seats 2000+ people. I was terrified.

Earliest song you remember… My oldest sister used to blast ‘Lucky’ by Britney on her CD player. It’s a classic, I still remember it word for word.

The worst job I’ve ever had… I used to sell samosas and bhajis at various farmers markets around the east midlands every saturday morning. It wasn’t a terrible job because I got loads of free Indian snacks. The worst thing was putting up a gazebo up at 8AM, in the rain, after a 50 minute drive to somewhere random like Lutterworth.

The thing I most love to cook is… Shakshuka is one of my favourites.

My Favourite word… Ian

A book I love… I’m late to the game, but I’m currently reading Sapiens and really enjoying it.

Favourite Instagram account… @mralistairgreen – so many sketches and characters that hit a bit too close to home

Things that cheer me up… Making something I think sounds cool, gigs, people getting in touch with me about my music, discovering a sick new artist, dogs, Always Sunny, Spurs winning, Pom Bears

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be… A gig in the caves underneath Nottingham would be sick. Or in the castle grounds there.

I think you should listen to…

Bee-Sides – Alt. R&BR-ish

Kalra – Soulful pop

Luna Pines – Dreamy indie

All three are brand new acts that have amazing tracks on the way, some of which I’ve been able to work on personally. Follow them and keep your eyes peeled.

If I could see anyone play live it would be… Probably Jai Paul, but he never plays live! If he one day does, I’ll be the first to buy a ticket.

Keep up with George Gretton on Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify

Photo credit to Rohan Patel