Sublimely ethereal and intricate, Gazel’s Book Of Souls offers a wealth of immersive narratives delivered through her own distinct blend of electronica, folk and pop and entrancing storytelling. Having just released her debut record we caught up with Gazel to find about five tracks that have influenced her richly textured and eclectic sound.

Across the record, Gazel tells “the tale of a young girl who leaves her village after a devastating fire and sets out on a journey to clear her grandfather’s name” and the various characters she encounters along the way. Gazel’s ability to weave such captivating and emotive narratives both sonically and lyrically is utterly stunning throughout the record as exemplified by her latest single ‘Walk On Land’, accompanied by befittingly resplendent visuals.

Immerse yourself in Gazel’s glorious soundscapes and get to know her In Five…

Andrew Bird – Left-Handed Kisses

I’ve spent the year obsessing over Andrew Bird. I’ve never been a real fan of an artist before but with him the fangirldom hit me hard! Most of the songs on my album Gazel’s Book of Souls are written as dialogues between two characters, and that’s definitely thanks in part to this song.

Radiohead – Talk Show Host

This is what I imagine it would sound like to wake up on the morning of an apocalypse. I can hear the themes of man-vs-machine recurring in the world of Radiohead, which has influenced my own album’s sound heavily. This song along with Idioteque is my go-to in times of existential crisis. Which means it’s basically on a 24h loop.

Elliot Smith – Angeles

This has been my favourite song on and off since I was about 12. At first is was just the chords and melody that caught me, but then later learning about his life I could hear the anxiety in his voice and the frenetic way he plays, which made the whole thing hit so much harder. It paints a really vivid picture of the music industry preying on the dreams of vulnerable and naive artists over generations.

Nick Cave – Rings of Saturn

What really hits me about this song is the delivery. Nick Cave is the ultimate storyteller and even when there isn’t a clear narrative his delivery is truly masterful. His stories were a great inspiration for me when working on Gazel’s Book of Souls. I also love the sparseness of the song’s production – it sounds like floating past planets in deep space.

Simon & Garfunkel – Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall

I love how this song hits on the universal theme of wandering lost in the mind’s darkness in such a pretty and short song. It’s so chipper sounding, which is a wonderfully deceitful way of delivering a message of such existential gravity. I can really relate to the song’s conclusion that denial is the only sane method to cope with the absurdity of life.

Gazel’s debut album ‘Gazel’s Book Of Souls’ is out now. She plays St Pancras Old Church Monday 4th November, tickets here.