Gaps // In Short


Brighton duo Gaps have been the focus of much attention this year, and don’t be surprised to see them all over the ‘Ones to Watch’ lists in the coming months. Almost etheral, always beautiful, Rachel Butt’s stunning vocals have had us hooked for months. Listen to ‘Belong’ below:

We’re super excited to have Gaps playing our Christmas party on December 8th at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen (tickets here), so we got to know Rachel and Ed a bit better:

If we had to describe our music in 3 words, we’d use…

Rachel: Emotive, cathartic, mathematic
Ed: Balanced, Spacious, Romantic

My favourite film ever is…

R: Training Day
E: A Cock and Bull Story

The most famous person I’ve met it…

R: Jerry Dammers
E: I saw Steve Coogan once. Even that was too much for me.

The song I hate the most is…

R: I’m no hater
E: The bird is the word

The Worst Job I’ve ever had is…

R: I spent 9months pot washing which may be considered bad but I loved it – free food and great company!
E: stripping wallpaper for a summer

If I was in a tribute band it would be a….

R: The Dead Kennedy’s
E: Queen B – just googled searched for Queen tribute bands – what a name! I’d be the drummer. Everyone wants an oversized 80s drum kit.

If I had a super power I’d want it to be….

R: Able to see through time
E: Flying. This has been well researched. The data is in. Everyone wants to fly.

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be…

R: supporting Kate Bush
E: Main room at The Colosseum in Cov. Some school boy dreams never go away. That’s balls by the way, it would be the actual collesseum in Rome or in space.

I think you should listen to…

R: Mercedes Sosa
E: Never For Ever (Kate Bush tribute band)

If I see anyone play live it would be…

R: Kate Bush
E: Pearl Jam but with Eddie Vedder with long hair and hurt in his eyes.


Live: Hoxton Bar and Kitchen – December 8th