GAIKA – Basic Volume – 27th July 2018

GAIKA’s Basic Volume is a bold exploration into industrial dystopia. With subversive experimental electronic influences and lyricism exploring themes of race, militancy and religion the artist presents a powerful and resonant depiction of the modern state we live in.

With the album taking its name after his father’s technology, the music reflects a dystopian mechanical combat, as GAIKA says “It’s all true, I nearly lost my heart to angry memories, waking dreams of burnt out laboratories and dead friends. I am this chemistry and it is I and so I wrote it here. BASIC VOLUME is collection of alchemical parables for all the Immigrants who wander the earth in search of themselves”

The titular track opens with an atmospheric progression, with heavy techno influences he cries “Naked and black in a white man’s world”, a sign of the common theme running throughout. He continues to explore electronic beats with political lyricism blending music, culture and social issues. Heading into the second track, ‘Hackers and Jackers’ he keeps it close to home referencing the Brixton’s jungle scene as reverberating bass lines create a militant feel.

“Featuring samples of preachers and rousing layering of vocals, the overall effect is truly captivating”

Choral chanting flesh out the experimental sound of ‘Seven Churches of St Jude’ a stunningly chaotic yet meticulously perfected industrial track. Featuring samples of preachers and rousing layering of vocals, the overall effect is truly captivating. Another highlight is ‘Black Empire (Killmonger Riddim)’ which incorporates dancehall beats, having been raised in Brixton and of Jamaican and Grenadian descent, GAIKA intersects all elements of his background to create a unique creative output.

Then there’s ‘Immigrant Sons (Pesos and Gas)’, produced with SOPHIE, who incorporates an element of danceability to GAIKA’s industrially distorted style. However, it goes without saying that a really standout track is the single ‘Crown and Key’ a subversive biblical rallying cry, with an rousing feel to it. Establishing himself as a vital new voice, it seems that this is the kind of sound our generation needs, experimental and original concepts brought together with politically-charged lyrics and subversive soundscapes.