After a 27 hour flight from Australia, it was nice to arrive in London. We got our hire car and drove straight into the city to pick up our drummer, Johnny, who we had met on Skype only a few days before. It is a spectacular feeling, being a bit delusional and giddy after an enormous flight and then you find yourself on the other side of the world, in LONDON. Because my manager is brave, we drove straight to Leeds from arriving in London. I remember drinking a few too many litres of water and well, I’ve never experienced so much dramatics – zooming down the highway, trying to find a toilet…

Our show at the Brudenell Social Club was the following night. The day of the show we met up with Guro, who fronts her own band, All We Are, and had a short rehearsal before running to sound check. That was a good gig, we played with Wooden Shjips and it sold out. My partner in crime and band mate, Kate Dillon, tried out her British accent on the audience. I believe they had a laugh.

The last few days in London saw us staying in the kitschiest Airbnb, a tiny white dolls house filled to the brim with stuff and things that one doesn’t need. It was so tiny that we had to do yoga in a space between the bathroom door and a bedroom door. Really zen stuff, you know. I got completely abused at four in the morning by the woman who lived under our Airbnb, because of the racket our gear made down the staircase. I wanted to suggest the landlord put carpet on the stairs to soundproof them a bit, but it wasn’t really the best time to interrupt the most fierce hurtle of whispered hissing abuse… ah well we probably deserved it.

Alright, let me change the mood.

Big highlight was going into the 4AD office and meeting Ed and the rest of the team. Kate, being Kate, recorded a song for her upcoming (INCREDIBLE AND UNIQUE AF) album, Chinatown, in their beautiful studio downstairs. Thank you Fabian, you are a gem.

Buckingham Palace guards was really something. Comedic, almost. I could only imagine their sweet relief when they can get home and laugh and cry and surrender their limbs to human activity…

I want to thank our lovely and hardworking booker, Alex Bruford for making sure we come back to England next year in September, and big thanks to Jodie Banaszkiewicz from Stay Golden PR for her passion and hard work. Not to mention our manager, Lorrae McKenna, who without her brilliant navigational skills, we would still be lost in a subway in London. Thank you all who came to our shows and supported us – we will be back. Xx

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