Fufanu – Few More Days To Go // Album Review

One Little Indian – out now

The foreboding post-punk rumble of ‘Now’ powers up Fufanu’s debut album, one that seldom wavers in mood till its cycle is run. Dense electro-industrial sonics underpin vocalist Kaktus Einarsson’s melancholic Icelandic inflections, while the flicker of an FX pedal or passing harmonic bleep provide the glint in the granite. Skittering, almost jazzy drum patterns offer a humanising outlet, and when Fufanu loosen the bolts and grease the wheels a little – as on the rowdy garage-rock of ‘Blinking’ or the percussive shuffle counteracting thick chordal stabs on ‘Northern Gannet’ – Einarsson seems to loosen up too. On the quirky ‘Plastic People’, discordant arpeggios and a fine slackened beat help to unspool Fufanu’s mechanised modus operandi, and the band sound more engaging for it.

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Live: Sebright Arms – March 1st