FTSE – Joyless // Album Review

95169Lucky Number – August 28th

Given the recent spate of think­-pieces bemoaning the lack of “political music” (the sole product of lazy journalism rather than an actual absence) one must give credit to FTSE, aka producer Sam Manville, for at least making an effort to redress this false disparity. But that’s as far as our generosity is willing to go. For all its acerbic political critiques, Joyless has all the depth and focus of a GCSE Politics class run by Just Jack. It’s not the lengthy list of topics (celebrity culture, consumerism, speciesism, it goes on…) that make this such a weary listen but the way it’s told. Most crucially, and unintentionally, it comes across as humourless and patronising. It’s a shame as the blazing and punchy production here are actually pretty banging. A missed opportunity, really. (Woodrow Whyte)

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