Our first proper tour as a band was in the UK in May of 2016, which is kind of insane when I think about it – that doesn’t happen for many North American groups. Jet-lagged and completely thrown out of our comfort zone, we landed in London with a very rough idea of where the hell our Airbnb was. I remember the smell of that Airbnb very vividly – cheap cleaning products mixed with an intense musk – and every time we go back to London, I somehow manage to smell it, and I immediately feel like I am nursing an extreme hangover.

The day of our second show in London, we find ourselves in Camden playing at The Lock Tavern. We wouldn’t have even had a second London show if it wasn’t for the help of a stranger at the time, Cal McRae, who we had met the previous night at our show at the Moth Club. We roll up to the venue with our stuff, hungover and still jet-lagged, and are met by Cal. Set times are up in the air so, in the meantime, Cal suggests we should go down the street to this pub and have a pint…

We walk down the block and make a turn onto a side street where we then enter this seemingly chill and distinguished pub. We walk in and immediately everyone inside the bar is yelling, not in anger or really about anything, just almost as a greeting to Cal. The bartenders (Sam Conway and Bradley Griffiths of Bloody Knees) proceed to blast Oasis on the stereo, climb up on the bar and sing/scream along to ‘She’s Electric’, all while pouring us each a pint and a shot of Jäger. The entire bar starts freaking out and singing along. It was complete madness and probably the most goddamn British thing I had ever seen in my life. That fucker had brought us to the Hawley Arms…


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