We delved into “The Bank of” Free Money to find out about a few songs that have influenced them over the years prior to their EP out next month via both Communion and Buff Records.

Free Money are an illusive four-piece from East London. Their new EP is soon to be released via Buff Records and Communion Records and, fittingly, it’s Communion’s first collaboration of this kind whilst its also the first release for Buff Records. The mantra of Buff Records in many ways mirrors the ethos of how Communion came to be: an artist-led community focusing on long term growth and a DIY spirit.

By subverting the Regan x Thatcher lust for materialism, the band are allowing themselves to adopt an alter-ego. The new EP is set for release on November 16th.

We caught up with the band to find out about a few songs that have influenced them over the years.

Hall & Oates – I cant go for that (no can do)

The drum machine, the opening synth line, that bassline (!!!), that pre-chorus, those backing vocals, the hot hot sax solo. Perfect ridiculous pop.


5/4 – Gorillaz

We chose this for that famously awesome strange out of time/ in time guitar riff. It sounds sooooo amazing when the drums come in after the intro. I think it’s pretty fair to say that this Blur and Gorillaz have been a pretty huge influence on all of us, this song in particular is just one of the many that we always talk about as a four. You can hear it in ‘Up in the sky’ for sure.


Almost Blue – Chet Baker.

The genius song writing of Elvis Costello, combined with the tenderness of Chets delivery is so special. Hearing Chet sing is weird and haunting, it immediately sticks in your brain. Something we tried to focus on when recording the record was the delivery of each line making sure it had the right amount of emotion or whatever, not saying we got anywhere near this but, it’s a good example of something we were reaching for.


Wide Awake – Parquet Courts

Nothing crazy original about this one but Jesus Christ it’s groovy. It’s like Gang of Four went on holiday with Public Image LTD to Rio de Janeiro, David Byrne was making the drinks and Stephen Malkmus was doing the cooking


Biggie Smalls ft. Thomas The Tank Engine

…we’ll just leave this here.
*need we say more?

Free Money’s EP is set for release on November 16th 2018. Catch them live across three different venues in London on October 19th, 20th and November 4th.