Live Review // Franz Ferdinand

Photo by Marga Moner

New Slang – August 26th

New Slang has become somewhat of an institution for music lovers in the South-west of London in recent times. With prize acts such as AlunaGeorge and Mystery Jets taking to its small cramped stage it gives fans the chance to be inches away from their idols that inevitability boils down to those treasured “you had to be their” moments.

Gracing the stage on the week of release for their acclaimed fourth album ‘Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action’ Franz Ferdinand are masters of their craft, making stadium fillers feel intimate and personal. It’s fair to say Franz have been cautious in their build up to this album, but in doing so tonight’s set comes with mass appeal.

Opening as their latest album does with ‘Right Thoughts’ it comes like a red rag to a bull, riling the audience into a frenzied overdrive, then in quick succession ‘Tell Her Tonight’ from their first album, follows with its dancing, cyclic guitar rhythms and distinct falsetto vocals guiding the way.

Tonight the band come over more confident and assured than ever. Despite some problems in previous years there seems little doubt that they’re charmed by their latest efforts as they thread some of their finest songs around new material; the fit seems perfect. This is confirmed during ‘Do You Want To’ that makes the crowd seem possessed and sees guitarist Nick McCarthy swinging from the amps.  Then it becomes clear; this isn’t a mere show, this really is a moment. The atmosphere is electric, alive and as the show continues there’s little let-up just a constant stream of indie-pop hits.

Halfway though we get a moment to breath with ‘Fresh Strawberries’. There are bemused looks as it’s bookended by hit after hit but it gives us time to reflect beyond the catchy riffs and into the mind of the former theology student. It’s back to business as usual after with primal tracks like ‘Matinee’ and ‘Take Me Out’ in a mix of newer numbers.

After an encore made up of not one but three songs and a set lasting well over an hour it’s difficult to take in the spectacle just witnessed. Loaded up full of indie-pop cherry bombs Franz Ferdinand are glad to be back and the crowd are even happier to have them back.

Matthew French

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