From the first dark, ricocheting beats ‘Monster’, Fran Lobo’s latest single, holds you firmly in its entrancing clutches and further tightens that grip as the track intensifies with striking layers of woozy choral harmonies, mechanical whirrings and blistering, brooding electronica. We caught up with the London-based artist to see what tracks she’s loving at the moment.

The first track from her upcoming EP Brave, due this summer on Slow Dance Records, ‘Monster’ encompasses the inspirations Lobo draws from both the London club scene and from orchestral music, distilling this into something strikingly singular. Within the track, Lobo weaves echoing vocal arrangements, infectious dance rhythms and intricate electronic embellishments that all culminate into a heady and hypnotic sonic collage. Lobo’s compositional attention to detail really shines through as ‘Monster’ undulates from moments of emotive intimacy to surreal, unsettling soundscapes with each sonic detail crafting the visceral fauna of the track.

Speaking on how this track came to fruition she details “This track started from a jam on a Volca sample I’d bought myself and evolved into an embodiment of frustration with identity, relationships and dreams/reality. The song includes the voices of Deep Throat Choir, LIPS and the Roundhouse Choir and Jemma Freeman on guitar, samples and rare drum machines and synthesisers. It was engineered by Andy Ramsay and mixed by Jimmy Robertson.”

Bold and compelling, ‘Monster’ sees Fran Lobo take her sound confidently to new realms offering her best track to date and we can’t wait for the new EP to drop this summer.

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Relax Kevin- torrential tears (the difference between medicine and poison is dose)

Fave people and artists Mica Levi and Leah Walker shared some new tracks a few days ago on this youtube channel. This is Leah’s (Relax Kevin) track and visual which is so hypnotic with standardly mesmerising visuals shot in their garden whilst in quarantine.

Lucinda Chua- Feel Something

This is a very dear friend of mine Lucinda Chua’s beautiful live music video for ‘Feel Something’ from her last EP which serves up some sci-fi inspired realness. She also recently did a great isolation mix called ‘Aquarium Music’ on NTS which you should listen back to for a beautifully soothing accompaniment to the lockdown.

Angel Olsen-Sister

I’ve recently been listening back to one of my favourite albums ‘Woman’ by Angel Olsen and learning/singing the songs at home on guitar. This is ‘Sister’ which holds a very special place in my heart.

Wilma Archer-Decades ft. Laura Groves and Samuel T. Herring

A totally beautiful piece from the new Wilma Archer record featuring Samuel T. Herring and signature vocals and harmonies from the one and only Laura Groves.

Alice Coltrane- Deva Deva

It doesn’t really get any better than Alice Coltrane. Incredible pianist, harpist, vocalist and visionary. My dear friend Michael pointed me in the direction of this album ‘Divine Songs’ which came after the death of John Coltrane. After becoming fully immersed into Hinduism, she set up her own Vedantic centre in California and changed her name. The album is her own unique take on Hindu devotional music, with choral voices from the members of the centre, synthesizers, organ and strings.

‘Monster’ is out now. 

‘Brave’ comes out 19th June on Slow Dance Records.

Stream the latest single ‘Brave’ here.