Jagjaguwar – January 20th

Spectacle pop doesn’t come much more mercurial than this. Hang sees Foxygen at their manic apex, languishing in a mould of by-gone pomp-pop. Sam France is playful and emotive, a swaggering Bowie figure via Broadway, exploring all the theatricality of his voice in bottomed-out baritones and warbling melodies. The subject matter veers along an erratic line of joyous distress. A Hollywood washout puts a gun in her mouth over cheerful horns in ‘Mrs. Adams’. Festive chimes speckle a sneakily downcast ode to the US on ‘America’, masked by Randy Newman warmth. “If you’re there, then you’re already dead!” France spools. This saccharine double-bluff is Foxygen’s appeal. It feels like the duo took one look at the headlines and put their heads in the clouds. Or the sand. Either way, Hang is great escapism.

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Live: KOKO – February 27th