Four Tet // Live Review

Four-TetFabric – October 17th

Fabric’s 15th birthday celebrations start here. Even by the club’s high standards this weekend has the potential to be a big one. This is the first night kicking off three days of head-melting electronic music, and expectations are suitably high. Punters, depleted from the working week and ready to cut loose, queue fruitlessly around the block, waiting for a chance to get inside Fabric’s sprawling rooms.

Anyone who cares to take a cursory glance at the line-up can see that the organisers at Fabric are taking the club’s birthday seriously, providing a potent mix of electronic genres. Kieran Hebden AKA Four Tet is given the opportunity to set the bar for the weekend’s proceedings. And set it he does, providing four hours of pulsating rhythms and dense soundscapes. The experience is akin to bathing in digital waves of light and sound, providing the accessible and the palatable beating heart of the night, the neutral zone of Room 1 encompassed by heavier, edgier drum and bass/jungle/grime in the neighbouring rooms.

For those wishing to abandon any post-rock ambient vibes, Goldie’s set, which encompasses a career dedicated to honing some serious Jungle chops, is an experience to get your pulse pounding. The beats are intricate, the transitions between tracks effortless, brought together by Fabric’s impressive light display. It’s a hard-edged drum and bass set that refuses to let up, crafted to keep you dancing and glued to Room 2.

Of course, it is likely the majority of the people here tonight aren’t here to see any act in particular. On a night like tonight Fabric itself is the main event. As you might expect the bars are heaving and the smoking area rapidly becomes its own transient community of five-minute friends. But in the rooms and on each floor, in the dark catacombs between stages, the atmosphere is buzzing. Far from being frustrating, navigating Fabric’s labyrinthine levels and following the flow of ever-shifting crowds is an adventure. It is a celebration after all, and it appears that everyone in Fabric knows that they’re involved in the best event happening in the capital tonight. Here’s to another 15 years.