Double Whammy – 29th September

Contemplative, gentle, and calming, Florist’s second full-length If Blue Could Be Happiness is an unexpected lesson in appreciation. Through nostalgic themes, it expresses an admiration of beauty that is contagious, pulling the listener in completely and sending them off equipped with a new brand new outlook.

If Blue Could Be Happiness is the sound of a comfortable love, a certainty in your relationship with something whilst still meandering through the uncertainty of your own mental state. First track ‘Blue Mountain Road’ opens with this idea, featuring lyrics like “If you’re terrified of living, like me / I hope you’ll be fine / Cause we’re terrified together / In this terrifying time”. It’s an album about support: having something beautiful to suffer with, share light with, and navigate with through a harsh and trying world.

Florist succeeds as they always have in pairing airy, subtle instrumentals with contemplative, nostalgic lyrics. As it’s so relatable, the album is something that every listener can find solace in, through one lyric or another. The beauty of the album is shown through the varied shades of blue it represents: the darker blues are present in the darker themes, and contrasted with gentler lyrics such as “I’m alive and I’m okay / The air is light blue today” on ‘What I Wanted to Hold’. The album leads the listener through a colour wheel, slowly and kindly, showing off the various shades of light and dark and helping them to appreciate the beauty in all the subtle changes.

In typical Florist fashion, a few of the songs on the album taper off right when you’ve been fully immersed in them. But while on previous albums this may have seemed abrupt, on this one it is the perfect knock to take you out of the dream state you’ve been living in and bring you back to the real world, fit with a new appreciation for its beauty.

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