Anytime Flo Milli drops a new track it’s a guaranteed good time and ‘Eat It Up’ is no different. Released yesterday, the new single channels the infectious energy and attitude that we’ve come to know and love from the Alabama rapper. We caught up with her to find out five tracks that have been influential to Flo Milli and her music.

Dripping in self-assured sex-appeal ‘Eat It Up’ sees Flo Milli firmly in command with her inimitably incisive and playful flow. Complete with razor-sharp beats and twinkling, crystalline melodies ‘Eat It Up’ is another searing cut following on from the incredible ‘Not Friendly’, which we’ve still got on heavy rotation. Accompanied by a fun and aesthetically on-point video, Flo Milli continues to be on top of her game consistently serving up pure fire tracks and we can’t get enough.

Get to know the incredible Flo Milli In Five…

Wintertime zi – thru it all

I can relate to everything he said in the song, and to find someone else that went through what I went through showed me I wasn’t alone.

Summer Walker – Karma

This song helped me push through a very hard time in my life. I’ll never forget it. It had a huge impact on me at that time period.


Rico Nasty – Need It

This song is super so special to me, I was hesitant to even share it to be honest. It was my favorite song when I was becoming a fan of her, this song makes me feel as if I have super powers. I felt powerful.

Roddy Ricch- Brand New

This was talking about him becoming famous and getting adjusted to the new lifestyle. And I could relate to this because it was everything I had to adjust to.

Roddy Ricch – Feed tha streets 2 (Intro)

This song shows how untouchable Roddy is, he even says “My ice aint even colder than me” Which is a good mindset to have. That no-one else is better than you.

Flo Milli’s debut mixtape ‘Ho, Why Is You Here?’ is out now.

Photo credit: Munachi Osegbu