First Aid Kit – Stay Gold // Album Review

staygoldColumbia – out now

In 2012 the Söderberg sisters roared onto the scene with their acclaimed second long player. Picking up a sizeable and diverse fan-base, the duo transcended all walks of music lovers with their beautifully satisfying brand of folk and impossibly succinct harmonies. Although no major reinvention, Stay Gold sees a subtly impressive advancement in songwriting; where The Lion’s Roar resonated with the sisters’ bucolic surroundings, this new effort focuses on human emotions, with a sense of escapism shining through. The whimsical ‘Waitress Song’ highlights this, as Klara and Johanna flirt with the idea of putting their music aside in favour of serving tables. ‘Cedar Lane’ stands-out too; its Ryan Adams-esque vocal build, pedal steel and orchestral backing all colliding for the most powerful outing on the record. Piano-led ballad ‘A Long Time Ago’ closes the album, offering stunning string-infused poignancy. It’s another serene record from the wonderfully talented pair, who are undoubtedly set to Stay Gold for many years to come.


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