Festifeel, an annual festival organised by the breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!, returns to the House of Vans this October feat. Busted, Basement Jaxx, Mystery Jets and more. We caught up with CoppaFeel! founder Kristin Hallenga – who set up the the charity in 2009 after being diagnosed with breast cancer – to find out more.

Every summer CoppaFeel! hit the road to spread boob love and educate the masses about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer to ensure that all breast cancers are diagnosed at the earliest stage possible. Our one day festival Festifeel, held at the House of Vans, helps put summer campaigning to bed. This year will be our 8th Festifeel and year on year we try to make it just that extra bit more special.

Over the years we’ve had some epic line ups and that’s mainly due to our curator, the lovely Fearne Cotton, who is also a patron of CoppaFeel! But it’s not just music that makes Festifeel such a great day of fun – we have comedy, poetry, art, food, skateboard lessons and silliness galore.

With the money raised from Festifeel we can fund more campaigning, and increase our projects that educate young people in the UK. Earlier detection leads to better survival rates. That’s just how it is. And hey, getting to know your boobs could actually be fun too.

Here’s some of my favourite tracks from the artists performing this year.

Denai Moore – No Light
I hadn’t heard of Denai until Hannah, who co-produces Festifeel with me, helped book her for the event. She is always introducing me to cool new artists (tbh if the artists booking was left to me we’d have Incubus and Dixie Chicks on the bill so it’s best for everyone that Hannah is involved) and Denai is no exception. I am now obsessed with this song and I will be fan girling her HARD on the day.

Busted – Year 3000
I finished secondary school the year the song came out (writing that sentence made me feel very old) and I loved watching music videos on MTV and Kerrang. This song reminds of that summer and feeling like the world was starting to open up, even though I still had 2 years of sixth form ahead of me and was in no way as much of a grown up as I thought I was. Busted are fun to listen to and to watch and I am excited to remember the good old days during their set at Festifeel. And maybe mosh. Maybe.

Basement Jaxx – Good Luck
Basement Jaxx have got to be one of the best live performance bands out there. I watched them perform at a festival and loved every second. The power and fun they bring to the stage was so infectious that everyone was dancing by the end. This song in particular reminds me of learning to drive whilst at sixth form. Once I finally got my licence, on my third attempt, I felt so free. There isn’t a greater feeling than playing all your favourite songs on your first ever outing as a fresh new driver, and this song was definitely one of those anthems. It also reminds me of a mate of mine who helped set up the charity back in 2009. I love it when songs or bands remind you of certain people.

Fleur East – Uptown Funk
I watched Fleur absolutely BOSS the SH*T out of this song on the X factor final a few days before this song even came out. I think that was the last time I ever watched that show because I just didn’t think it could get any better after her. It’s such a great tune and the way she sang it and performed it was, and still is, SO GOOD. I love her voice. And her hair. And basically everything about her and nope I shall not be playing it cool when she performs at Festifeel either.

Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down
I got introduced to these chaps at a student only festival called Beach Break Live in 2009. It was the year I had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and it was the first festival we decided to take CoppaFeel! to – before it was even a charity and merely an idea we’d thought up a month or so before. It was at that festival that our mission to educate every young person was firmly cemented and I am still so grateful that the organisers let us come and trial it there, and grateful to everyone who came to our crappy little gazebo willing to listen to us chat about boobs. The news of my illness and our campaigning spread around the festival quite quickly and I was lucky to be given a shout out by the Zutons and have ‘Valerie’ dedicated to me. The rest of the weekend I was on a total high and I remember everything about those few days so vividly (thanks mainly to not consuming any alcohol because I was having chemotherapy) including the Mystery Jets set, and this song in particular because all my mates were singing the words so loud around me.

CoppaFeel! returns to the House of Vans on 14th October.