Missing toes, The Kinks and rating cheese and onion sandwiches, get to know cheeky Coventry outfit FEET In Short…

Following the announcement of their debut album (What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham is due on October 4th via the band’s own Clapped Records), Coventry indie five-piece FEET are preparing for shows at Reading and Leeds this weekend. Their bank holiday performances follow a slew of other festival shows including The Great Escape, All Points East and Dot to Dot.

You can check the visual – written and directed by FEET’s frontman George – for latest single ‘Outer Rim’ below. On the single, the band say: “The song started out under the alias Prang Meets Pong Meets Peng Meets Ping, since those were the only viable adjectives at the time with which we could describe it. We soon came around to rationality and scrapped the whole bastard thing. Using the remaining debris, the song was soon reinvigorated into a punky-boi, with lyrical inspiration coming from seeing a shooting star whilst at our summer retreat.”

Ahead of their sets at Reading and Leeds festival this weekend, FEET feature in our latest In Short, answers courtesy of guitarist Harry.

Three words to describe our music
Creasepop, not fidgety.

Favourite Instagram account
This is semi a digital question, but definitely @javiparsi – bloody excellent Lennon look-a-like / live-a-like. If ever there was convincing evidence that Lennon was still about this is it. 

The best venue we’ve played
We recently created our own record label, Clapped Records, and put a night on at 26 Leake Street. Great venue, literally right underneath Waterloo station. Very analogue indeed. Nice and filthy.

Earliest song we remember
Either ‘American Pie’ by Don McLean or ‘Lip Up Fatty’ by Bad Manners, or possibly something by Simply Red. You see where our inspiration started now… If ever there was a festival with these three as a lineup I’d avoid it like the plague.

The worst job we’ve ever had
Fair to say we’ve each had our share of dead jobs. Between us we’ve covered stacking shelves and labelling stuff in warehouses, dishing out Big Macs in drive-thrus, numerous pot wash jobs, numerous waiting jobs, bits of construction. We’ve been about. Don’t tell the taxy.

Favourite food on tour
Chunion. A cheese and onion sandwich that is. 1st place M&S, 2nd Tesco, 3rd Sainos. There’s an elusive £3.35 fucker going about that Harry goes on about too but we’re not made of coin.

Favourite word
It begins with C. Crease. Because it’s never not crease. Though it it ever ceases to be crease it wouldn’t be crease anymore so I’d likely change my favourite word to something that was.

Things that cheer us up 
Gigs. Spot of gardening with the others. Chunion. Ben’s cooking. Being out and about in London, can never be bored there, trying to find a gaff. Pints. The sun. Good news. The Simpsons. Walking my dog, we have a song about that one too. Crease jokes. Nick.

If we could play a gig anywhere it would be
Glastonbury headline 2020? 50th anniversary? Our Mums have pre-ordered a deluxe record each so I reckon the Pyramid Stage is within our reach.

We think you should listen to
The Kinks. Ray is a fucking genius. Definitely on par with Lennon-McCartney. I said it. There it is. Listen to ‘Autumn Almanac‘ immediately, or ‘Supersonic Rocket Ship‘, or ‘Shangri-La‘, or definitely the entirety of The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society.

If we could see anyone play live it would be
David Bowie, had he lived long enough to tour Blackstar, not that he was touring anymore but still. George won’t agree but I reckon me and Rains would give a nut or a toe or something to bring him back from the dead. Though Rains has too few toes already, so I reckon we’ll have to leave him be.

FEET play Reading and Leeds – 23rd to 25th August.