Was pineal-pop already a thing? If not, this London-based musician and visual artist just invented it on ‘Street Song’.

Released via Jam City’s new Earthly Records imprint, Fauness’ debut single was reportedly the product of a period of chronic insomnia, and it compiles the visions and emotions experienced once she finally succumbed to sleep. What follows is a uniquely hallucinatory mix of pastel-hued homes, toxic waste and neurological jargon, featuring fantastically odd couplets like, “We all have a pineal gland, AKA the third eye / Too much fluoride in your toothpaste makes it calcify.”

We’ve seen her sound described as “electronic fairy rock music”, and it’s actually a pretty decent descriptor. ‘Street Song’ is a barbed lullaby in the vein of SOPHIE-era Let’s Eat Grandma, its airy prettiness subverted by distorted electronics and screamed backing vocals. The accompanying visual is fittingly sinister too, portraying exaggerated ideas of femininity – plus literal pony tails – in a bucolic setting, before the tension ramps up and our hero vanishes from the middle of a boating lake in a billow of pink smoke.

Fauness’ excellently-titled Toxic Femininity EP is due before the year’s out. Here’s hoping it’s as weird and wonderful as this initial intro.