In a city where neo-soul is thriving, it could be difficult for an artist to really stand out. However, the talent, charisma and versatility that Fatima displays makes her a truly unique force. Therefore, it came as no surprise that her performance at The Roundhouse in Camden went down an absolute hit.

The Swedish musician, signed to Floating Points’ Eglo Records, was greeted by an excitable crowd for an intimate seated show as part of the In The Round series. With the stage pulled out and chairs neatly tucked around, guests took to their seats and were immediately greeted with a glimpse of Fatima’s vivacious personality, for the stage was scattered with decorations the singer had brought from her bedroom. These included a giant Lego head, a bunch of flowers, a large teddy bear incense burner (which she would refer to as her boyfriend) and a plasma globe, along with a copy of her most recent record, of course. The audience soon witnessed this humour in full swing when Fatima took to the stage, dressed in a grey puffer jacket, velvet dress and knee-high glittered boots.

Kicking off with ‘Only’, the gorgeously jazzy track from her album And Yet It’s All Love, she showed off her butter-like, soulful vocal tones. From the beginning, Fatima oozed a real coolness on stage, with a welcoming presence as she chatted to the audience and introduced the band, before plunging into ‘May I’. A real highlight of her performance was the LA-inspired ‘West Side’ a genre-blending hit that has a 90s R&B sound to it, and an upbeat summer feel. Throughout the show she told stories to the audience such as writing ‘Dang’ on the living room floor after a break-up, and ‘Waltz’ from the viewpoint of her ex missing her, all while making her audience giggle along with her. She later went on to encourage everyone to dance in their seats for ‘So Rite’ while she grooved along on stage.

Her band were equally as on-point, and in previous interviews Fatima has expressed her respect for their skillfulness. Their talent was on clear display when they had a jam after ‘Caught In A Lie’ featuring a very impressive solo by her keys player. With the gorgeous ‘Note To Self’ as her encore, it was clear to see that Fatima has cemented her place as one of London’s finest talents.

And Yet It’s All Love is out now.