Fat White Family // Live Review

Surely the last thing you want after a birthday night out is prompt, clear and coherent recollection? Particularly when the location of said romp is the wonderful Lexington, the now fabled watering hole regularly showcasing the cream of the rising crop; with the best music taste of any five year old I’ve ever met. In honour of this entry into toddlerdom, friends, family, and anyone else who swindles a guestlist spot joined together in communion to lose another hazy evening in one of the venue’s wonderful attractions (read: Brooklyn, on tap). 

The Fat White Family now require little introduction – with their grotty infamy growing with every gross video and trashed venue. The sort of birthday party they’d play feels like one where the jelly needs a thorough medical investigation and the punch will probably kill you. They’re gloriously rough around the edges, but the moments where their recorded output occasionally feels a little frayed are where they excel in the live arena.

They command an incredible presence, oozing metaphorical menace and quite literal spittle, blending the threat of the Birthday Party, the get fucked ethos of the Fall, and the raucous spiky quality of guttural, treble heavy garage. They might look like they’re in serious need of a cuddle and a Twix, but their topless, terrifying filth is compelling in its unpasteurised glory.

Playing a selection of “hits” from first record Champagne Holocaust, including the lilting flavour of “Cream Of The Young” and new track “Touch the Leather” (unfortunately not the “Touching Cloth” that the bloke next to me adamantly argued), they are a welcome shot of gritty potency.

And undeniably better than Mr. Blobby. The band are currently crowd funding a trip to the States for SXSW, so I recommend getting in touch to arrange your birthday celebration as soon as possible.  Wishing you a very happy 5th birthday dear Lex, you are more dependable on for a top night out than my friends will ever be. Here’s the to next five.

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