Why do you live in London?
I studied here and stayed on afterwards. I’ve just moved to New Cross after having spent a year and a half with my family in Berlin. It’s nice to be back.

What are your go-to places for food & drink?
I seem to have found myself in the Brockley Barge ‘spoons a fair amount recently. The scope of their condiment selection is really quite impressive.

It’s summertime in the city – how do you like London when the sun’s shining?
London in the summer is a beautiful thing, even the grottiest spots have their charm when illuminated by the sunlight. Telegraph Hill is at the top of my road too which is a true treat.

Favourite outdoor spaces?
Victoria park is big and beautiful, should probably make a point of heading up there more often.

If you could live anywhere in London where would it be?
Islington is a pretty cute zone and it was where I used to visit my friend when I first started spending time in London, so maybe there. Pretty happy in South East though, to be honest.

What’s the worst thing about London?
All the haters everywhere. But it’s also the best thing, because I live for the haters.

What’s the ideal way to spend a day here?
I’ve only just moved back so I’m not sure if I’ve quite got the formula for the perfect day on lock. That said, I do recall a friend’s birthday a couple summers back spent in Brockwell Park, followed by a boogie at Effra Social Club in Brixton, which was pretty sweet. Got really funky in there.

Do you have any favourite venues?
I like the Shacklewell Arms for shows, very solid venue with a nice garden. I recently went to the Ivy House in Nunhead for the first time and they have live jazz there every Sunday. Was very wholesome in there, so want to try and go as much as possible.

Does living here influence the music you write?
I think so. Your surroundings always influence you in some sense, though I haven’t written a ‘Waterloo Sunset’ or anything like that yet. It’s funny though, when I moved back I found myself revisiting songs that I started writing when I was here before.

How would you advise someone to get the most out of London?
I’m still working on that myself, but there is truly such an abundance of good stuff around. I guess people can get fairly stuck in the zone they live, which is a shame because all corners of the city offer different delights. So maybe I’d advise to keep doing loops of this big old city. Get a canal boat.

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