Fabric // Penny For Your Thoughts

by Rob Booth

On my first day working at fabric I sat down with Keith Reilly (co-founder), and I remember chatting about my stint at LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records whilst I was still studying at university. I asked him what fabric meant to him – why the name? – he replied that it meant ‘everything and nothing’, the opposite to other London clubs around at the time. I realise now that ‘everything’ meant the 250 staff who pour their heart and soul into what we do week in week out.

This is more than just a nightclub – it may sound clichéd but this is a way of life for all of us here. Music is embedded in our souls, so much so that we honestly couldn’t think of anything else we would want to do. I was going to say job, but I’ve never seen my time at fabric since 2012 as a job.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to be asked to set up the in-house record label Houndstooth alongside Rob Butterworth and Leo Belchetz – having the opportunity to A&R and manage such amazing artists, and seeing their careers and the label grow as they became close friends has been so rewarding.

When we launched the label with a 12” it was a release by an unknown artist at the time, Call Super. The reactions were extreme: from comments like ‘Who is he? Where are all the big producers?’, to posts on RA around the 2nd release: ‘I don’t get this label at all, you would think fabric with their push/pull could at least lock down some solid music.’ Houndstooth represents exactly what fabric is, and what it stands for: bringing exciting new music to inform and educate our listeners.

fabric was born with two resident DJs whom no-one really knew in Craig Richards and Terry Francis. Seventeen years later, they’re both still here. Where else does that happen in this night time industry? fabric is home, and if fabric closes for good then not just the London economy but UK nightlife and culture will suffer.

fabric is worldwide, fabric is a place thousands of people turn to when they want to hear the best electronic music right now, with people coming from all corners of the globe. This is most evident when you come to the dance each weekend – a mini festival held every weekend in the centre of London.

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