Bella Union – February 9th 

Ezra Furman’s new record is not, he’s been at pains to point out, a concept album. Except, it clearly is. Transangelic Exodus tells the love story betwixt Ezra and a persecuted angel, on the run from the government, wrapped up in religious allegories. Although there’s a shift from the indie-doo-wop of 2015’s Perpetual Motion People – this is more aggressive in tone – Furman is still rooted in the same Lou Reed garage rock vein. ‘Love You So Bad’ will appeal to the fanbase, and ‘Psalm 151’ is a delicate, epic beauty. But it’s ‘Come Here Get Away From Me’ that stands out, ominously; “I believe in God, but I don’t believe we’re getting out of this one,” he sings. We’re all screwed, then. Oh well.

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Live: O2 Academy Brixton on May 23rd