Ezra Collective take us through a day in photos ahead of their appearance at Field Day.

Labelled by Boiler Room as “pioneering the face of U.K. jazz”, London five piece Ezra Collective are making waves with their unique fusion of contemporary jazz and hip hop. They were awarded Best Jazz Album at Gilles Peterson’s coveted Worldwide Awards in January this year for their stunning and genre-defying second release Juan Pablo: The Philosopher.

Their performances are celebrated for their energy and groove, and we can’t wait to check them out at Field Day. In a very exciting time for jazz across the U.K. but particularly in London, Ezra Collective are pushing the burgeoning scene forward.

Ahead of their performance at Field Day this year, we asked Ezra Collective to walk us through their day In Photos. From banana cake to football, and fresh trims to rehearsal snaps, here’s a day in the life of Femi, charismatic drummer of Ezra Collective.

First things first, more time start the day reading. Quick bible ting always gets my head right for the day. Thought today we’ll have a quick check of a favourite part. Ezra, Chapter 7.

Then we go for a run, clear my head. Quick 10k have your mind ready to take over the world. Plus I get to see some sites of the greatest city in the galaxy.

Start the day right. Breakfast of dairy free champions. Extra raisins to address the lack of in Sainsbury’s own brand. Tesco have the ratio slightly better.

Rehearsal flow, some time in February and March to write, reason and grow as musicians and friends, positive vibrations always.

Quick catch up with the best friend. Man like TJ ON BASS. Holds the groove down for Ezra Collective. Also happens to be my younger brother.

Then I reason with one of my best friends. Man like Ryan, making me look a solid 7 since ‘04.

Arsenal playing today!!! Pop down to the stadium to watch them….. didn’t go to plan result wise so we’ll just leave it here before the game, before I was in a different mood.

Quick snack, vegan banana cake made perfect sense…

Here’s the moment of the day I listen to some vinyl, to get me in the mood, got some of my favourites that are gonna be blessing Field Day!

End the day correctly, quick self made cocktail as a small reward for taking more photos today that I have all year. God bless you all, looking forward to some rum at field day with you all!!

Don’t miss Ezra Collective at Field Day, June 1st and 2nd.