4AD – November 30th

Ex:Re – pronounced “ex-ray” – is the new solo project of Elena Tonra. Best known for fronting indie-giants, Daughter, the LP was recorded in the summer and early autumn of this year, and appears somewhat out of the blue, following its stunning, pulsating lead single ‘Romance’. Fans of Daughter will be pleased to hear Ex:Re is packed full of chilling emotion, driven by the haunting brilliance of Tonra’s unmistakable vocal and themes of heartache and drunken rants. The songs themselves are arguably some of the strongest she has been involved in: dark journeys build with string-clad, almost Radiohead-esque hues alongside stripped-bare acoustic numbers like ‘My Heart’, all offering power, hope and desperation in equal measure. Ex:Re is a beautiful triumph.

Photo by Marika Kochiashvili.

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Live: O2 Academy Brixton on January 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th