Boston Music Room – 9th Feb 

It’s always exciting to witness a young frontwoman truly own her music onstage and Estron’s Tali Källström is a triumph in such. Press comparisons of the Welsh four-piece to NYC art rockers the Yeah Yeah Yeahs seemed somewhat dubious upon spins of their EPs, but on a Thursday evening in North London it quickly becomes a fitting claim as Tali’s theatrical approach to performing and gutsy vocal intensity prove both confident and vital in the band’s position as evolving headliners. There’s most definitely a dominating Karen O edge to be developed here.

The quartet work through a collection of their EP cuts, with a blistering energy from a crowd who do not discriminate against unreleased material, remaining equally enthusiastic throughout the band’s short-but-spirited set.

Sexually-charged tune ‘Body’ moves the crowd into a frenzy with vocal hook “you make my body go oh, oh, oh”, whilst heckles for the band to play latest release ‘Belfast’, a track not initially on the set list, results in an all-inclusive mosh.

Garage-pop banger ‘Make A Man’ flips sexual objectification on its head, offering an alternative perspective which translates into a fearless performance of liberation, whilst fuckboy-inspired favourite ‘I’m Not Your Girl’ creates a lasting impression of Estrons as a band kicking patriarchy in the nuts (and making some pretty fine melodies whilst doing so).

Sonically Estrons deliver infectious post-punk with consistently killer riffs, but it’s the honest, high-octane vocal delivery of Tali which packs the punch when live. An encore of grunge-pop track ‘Drop’ provides a climactic end to a set which thrives on thrilling hooks and a never-slow-down stamina which makes for a fiercely energetic live show.

Listen: Estrons – She’s Here Now.