Drawing on the best of 90s R&B and adding her own fresh imprint, Erika de Casier makes sultry, smooth jams. Next week she brings her shimmering, melancholic sounds to the Jazz Café alongside Tertia May and Sophie Faith for the Rhythm Section’s show. We caught up with the Copenhagen-based artist to get to know five classic tracks that have influenced her, including Avril Lavigne, Craig David and Sade.

Last year she released her debut solo album Essentials to wide acclaim. A collection of dreamy, infinitely infectious tracks that range from pensive and pared-down to more upbeat, pop-infused R&B anthems, de Casier’s wistful, honeyed vocals glide serenely throughout intertwined with glistening percussion and dulcet melodies. Whilst there’s an undeniable sense of nostalgia encapsulated within her sound, her songs are spellbinding, instant classics truly of her own making.

Ahead of her London show next week, get to know Erika de Casier In Five…

Brandy and Monica – The Boy is Mine (1998)

This one is quite obvious to me – it’s one of the first tracks I remember getting hooked on. Dark Child is one of my favourite producers and this is just one of his many masterpieces. For me, this song is a representation of the whimsical era of late 90’s R&B – my favourite artists being Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child, Janet Jackson, Whitney, SWV, Missy Elliott, Toni Braxton and so on.

Sade – Somebody already broke my Heart (2000)

When I heard this song for the first time I became so overwhelmed because I felt she was expressing some sort of core feeling. I was and still am very moved by her work. Her expression is smooth, classy and honest.

Tricky – Overcome (1995)

The music I started out making was very influenced by Trip Hop and I think it’s still in there somewhere. I used to listen to a lot of Portishead, Massive Attack and Tricky especially. It’s timeless.

Craig David – rendezvous (2000)

“Born to do it” remains one of my favourite records of all time. He and Mark Hill really figured it out…the harp, strings and guitar melodies paired with Craig David’s angelic voice and devilish flow – it’s such a masterpiece.

Avril Lavigne – Losing Grip (2002

So, I was thinking about what I should I pick as my last track; maybe something new and cool, but then I thought I’d keep it real and put some Avril Lavigne on here because I have screamed my lungs out to this song when I was a teen – no shame. She appeared at a time where Britney and Christina (whom I also loved of course) dominated MTV and to me at 12, she was so refreshing. Also, sweat-wristbands, checkerboard Vans and studded belts – what a style.

Erika De Casier plays The Jazz Café Wednesday 19th February. Tickets here.