Emmy the Great – S // EP Review

emmy the greatBella Union – January 26th

Emmy The Great comes up with the goods once again with latest effort S, where sibilance and softness converge to create a beautifully minimal yet effortlessly striking sound. Each track is entitled with a word beginning with ’s’, which perfectly sets the tone for the softness that seeps through the EP as a whole.

Opening with the stunning ‘Swimming Pool’, the track glimmers with a darkness, and looks to be a step in a different, but intriguingly immersive direction for Emmy. On the surface the track seems straight-forward, but scratch away at it’s immaculately produced surface, and it begins to reveal a plunging amount of space and depth. Wild Beasts’ Tom Fleming’s influence simmers all the way through the track, but rather than impeding on Emmy’s vocals, his additional vocals support the song, giving it a weightier darkness. It’s at once intense and beautiful, but similarly spacious and entwined with a mature reflection.

was written and recorded in an array of cities, including Salt Lake City, Tokyo, Hong Kong, LA, New York and London. The influence of the various cities is adopted most in the charmingly atmospheric ‘Solar Panels’. All the great metropolises seep in through its heady, dance-influenced beats, seemingly a million miles away from the folk-styled Emmy The Great of yester-year. Yet it still sparkles with a softness and resilience as it ponders the influence of globalisation, for example “Japanese companies are making energy from the heat in California”.

The release is brought to a close by ‘Somerset’, a tender song with Emmy pleads a lover to not move on, whispering “please don’t get over me” with a wistful sweetness that playfully references F. Scott Fitzgerald and Tennessee Williams. It’s romantic, whilst at the same time attacking and ignoring the cliches of romance, full of down-played honesty. All in all, S is a delectable charm of spacious, electronically charged subtleness that strongly suggests that her next album could be a real treat.


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