Elliphant // Live Review

The Lexington – January 24th


Ellinor Olovsdotter aka Elliphant is everything including and except for a popstar. Despite being already spotted by the stardom (including the famous Katy Perry’s Twitter shoutout), her music comes straight out the Swedish ghetto, in the most positive way possible. She is the queen of the dancehall pop (otherwise known as ‘Dankshall’), and the stage seems to be her favourite playground. The in-your-face approach is either to love or to despise, and apparently the whole Lexington fell for the former; especially when a adrenaline-fueled Elliphant breaks out by telling the guys front row off for being on their phone. Yes, Elliphant is a demanding girl: she asks you to dance, put your hands in the air, and inexplicably you end up improvising sing-alongs regardless of your knowledge of the song in the first place. And when the Jamaican influenced pop anthem ‘Music is Life’ kicks in, she is the first one to jump down from the stage embarking in a couple of saucy dances with the audiece. After such a great show, we are dying to see what else this Swedish solo artist has up her sleeve.