We caught up with fast food obsessive, Elliot, to find out about a few tracks that have influenced his latest gorge-able offering Am In Love Or Just Hungry.

We all love pizza, but there is a strong chance that you don’t love it as much as Elliot. For the last few years, the Stockholm-based frontman has been penning wistful singles around his love for fast food, and returned last month with his latest gorge-able release ‘Am I In Love Or Just Hungry’ via Icons Creating Evil Art.

Inspired by the experimental LA pop scene, which includes figures like Ariel Pink and John Maus, Elliot’s latest offering blends haunting synths with an ethereal vocal presence, all wrapped up in a common feeling of misplaced emotions and sombre contemplation. As a strong lover of all things edible, the frontman plays wildly with the unassured ideas of what true devotion means to all of us, taking that strong surge in our gut and reimagining it as a hunger for something more.

Speaking on the release, Elliot said “I listen to this song with the person I wrote it to, who I am now back together with. She plays many roles on this album to which I’m the antagonist – and is likely the reason why I wrote it in the first place.”

We caught up with the front man to find out about a few tracks that inspired the album.

Ariel Pink – May The Music Never Die Again

It’s a one-way mentorship on this one. Since I started making music, I’ve not listened to but, yeah I’m gonna say it, even studied Ariel’s way of writing. Past personas and media feuds, there’s someone who eats bits from all of genres music and pukes out a Pollock from it.

Fiona Apple – Every Single Night

May be a left field pick in the list, but I’ve listened a lot to this record this fall. To me it as a masterpiece in how it deals with mental illness. Few artists cut this deep, it’s usually some vague shit about a river and a creek that is supposed to make me tear up. Fiona is definitely someone who writes the music and lyrics to bring that invites you share that ’headsick’ feeling. Something I want to try.

Frank Zappa – Nanook Rubs It

This is the first song, from the first out of the 62 albums of Zappa that I heard. This is also a way of writing a song, I remember thinking. The arrangement is so thought out and this is a musician’s musician, that’s why they print up Zappa t-shirts with beer gut belly room for all the old geezers who worship him. As with all his songs it accommodates writing about shit like baby seals and great google mooglys. Like, if you don’t get it, you can still enjoy the music.

The Space Lady – Synthesize Me

More recent discovery: The Space Lady, a.k.a. Susan Schneider is a 70 year old space musician who got her break in her 60s. Together with R Stevie Moore, she is a model musician in the way that she has functioned on writing music throughout her life.

Gary Wilson – Music For Drums

Complete original, still not sure if he is an alien. So many questions about his daily life. This song is a one-off from his catalog, I guess. It’s just fantastic that people like him exist and get recognition.


Am I In Love or Am I Just Hungry is out now.