London based singer-songwriter Ella Grace launched her enchanting new single ‘Pieces’ this week. In the two years since her last release, Ella has been on a journey of personal and creative discovery which began to be documented through her music when she finally stepped back into the studio. 

Explaining more about the track, Ella told us –

“When I wrote Pieces I was in the midst of the breakdown of a very intense love affair with the first woman I’d ever been with. I was experiencing this constant kind of primal yearning for this woman that was just spilling out of me, so when I got to the studio and Jase my producer picked up his bass it was inevitable that the first song would be imbued and christened with it.

Pieces is an earth deep ode to that feeling, it embodies the depth and simplicity of remembering these old parts of myself that I’d pushed away and the longing I felt for the person who helped me remember them.”

For the last 8 years Ella has been fostering a community of hundreds-of-thousands of women both online and offline through podcast series, retreats and courses. These safe spaces of exploration, expression, growth and taboo-breaking conversation are now expanding into her music.

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