Electric Wizard – Time To Die // Album Review

electricwizardSpinefarm Records – September 29th

Over the past decade, Electric Wizard have grown to command a reverence from doom metal fans to match their unfading infatuation with the occult. Time to Die, their eighth album in 20 years, is yet another malignant, festering wound of a record upon which their legend will no doubt continue to build. Not ones to fuck around with unnecessary embellishments, the template rightly remains a blood-curdling, downtuned and relentless grind of Sabbath-induced dirge. What’s not to like? Cuts such as ‘I Am Nothing’ and ‘SadioWitch’ are, reassuringly, just as menacing as anything you’ll hear this year. Cryogenically frozen in time their primordial muse may be, but Electric Wizard know what they do well and no one quite matches their dedication to the macabre.


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