Ahead of her sell-out party this Saturday at new club Canvas, Eclair Fifi pays tribute to Andrew Weatherall and highlights some of her favourite electro tracks in our latest In Five…

A sister venue next door to Oval Space and The Pickle Factory, Canvas is a new, stripped-back space in Bethnal Green that promises intimate, warehouse style partying. For their first event, the Canvas team and Percolate present an all night long set from Eclair Fifi – it will be her first ever all night long show in London.

Ahead of the party, the beloved Scottish DJ, visual artist, NTS resident and label head (her imprint River Rabid Records has recently launched, putting out music from Afrodeutsche, Santiago Salazar and DC Salas) says:

“I absolutely love playing all night long sets. It gives me a chance to open up as a DJ. And I get to play records that I wouldn’t normally get to bring out during a peak-time slot. A lot of people know me only for certain genres and might not know that i have been djing for nearly 20 years… It’s gonna be so much fun to dig through my old record collection for this.”

It’s true that you never know what to expect from an Eclair Fifi set; she’s as comfortable astutely warming up a room as she is firing up a peak time crowd and keeping the dance floor engaged and pumping into the early hours. Check her recent In Session mix for Mixmag below:

Clair’s record bag is awash with wonky, colourful electro cuts, some of which she runs through in her In Five here. Eclair Fifi pays tribute to the late Andrew Weatherall in her selections, a visionary artist who was a key part of her formative years spent digging through her parents’ record collection.

So, dig into some of the brilliant Eclair Fifi’s favourite electro records, ahead of her all night long set at Canvas tomorrow night, Saturday 29th February. Tickets are sold out, but you can keep an eye on the event page HERE to grab a ticket through resale.

Luke Slater – All Exhale (Rude Solo Remix)

This choice is dedicated to the late, great, amazing Andrew Weatherall. I remember seeing the music video for the original track on TV when I was young and becoming obsessed with it. When I found it on vinyl I realised I loved this remix even more than the original, and then, I have to admit, I didn’t find out Rude Solo was Weatherall and Tenniswood until a few years after that!

Mr. Velcro Fastener – Refuse To Lose

Another one inspired by Weatherall. I have memories of him playing Mr. Velcro Fastener tracks a lot in sets and mixes, those kinda tracks that you remember after a set like “what the hell was that” then when you finally find it later on in a record shop you’re on Cloud Nine. This one is just pure euphoria for me.

Microthol – Sweet Water Tank

It was hard to pick a Microthol tune for this list but I knew I had to include one of their tracks. Sad and banging at the same time.
Fastgraph – IO
This track reminds me of when I first started going to the SubClub in Glasgow and Club69 in Paisley in the early 2000s, a bit of an old anthem up there.

Freezie Freekie – Slow Decay

I loved this since it came out in 2002 – I have no idea who the mysterious “freezie freekie” is but he has managed to make one of the most elegant electro tracks known to man! (Carl Finlow is up there too on the elegant electro tip.)

Eclair Fifi plays Saturday 29th February at Canvas, final tickets here