101538Partisan – May 13th

Post-punks Eagulls have chosen an anagram of their name for their second album Ullages, which in turn plays out like an anagram of the band’s sound – it’s comfortingly familiar, and their bleak lyricism and deadpan delivery are firmly in check, yet they sound far less aggressive than on their debut album. Not to be mistaken for a transformation, it’s more of a re-organisation as such, and the result is a seriously solid collection of Smiths-esque pleasures. Sure, ‘How Soon Is Now?’ springs to mind throughout, but on tracks like ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Lemontrees’, it’s hard not to be engulfed by Eagulls’ wholly addictive take on the melancholic North. On Ullages, Eagulls have tapped into an incredible knack for making the dreary sound delightfully dreamy.

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Live: Rough Trade East – June 1st