With her blend of distorted hardware, hard trap beats, hypnotic electronica and heady vocals, we instantly fell for E L L E’s potent, avant-garde magnetism. As she releases her debut EP MOUTH today we caught up with the innovative creative polymath to find out five tracks that have influenced her.

From start to finish MOUTH comprises an endlessly captivating release, each track containing multitudes of sonic detail and creating a richly eclectic sound palette. Opening track ‘Catfish’ packs a powerful punch with harsh, static noise, razor-sharp, skittering beats and E L L E’s mesmerising vocals that seamlessly flow from swaggering suavity to roaring ferocity. ‘Shieldmaiden’ sees the London-based artist lean further into skewed experimental noise whilst at points ‘Surtsey’ calls to mind elements of Grimes and Fka Twigs with its otherworldly ethereal intonations. EP closer ‘Yowl’ takes E L L E’s club-infused experimental trap sounds to different realms, showcasing yet another side to her sound, with dreamy looped melodies and brooding hip-hop.

Speaking on the EP, E L L E explains “The project is called MOUTH because this for most is the first point of communication and putting these tracks together felt like speaking for the first time. The project is a place for all moods and sensations, just like a mouth is made of varying textures of soft lips and hard teeth. A person feels rage, joy and pain uniquely and all three at once. Vocal samples form the foundation of most of the sound design while in other places the vocal line guides the instrumentation directly. I wanted to make noise. This project was all made on my laptop in my room and in various bedrooms and in headphones only as I didn’t have a speaker set up so there was a weird duality to making loud music in a silent and secret way.”

Crafted in her bedroom over the past two years, with just her laptop, mic and headphones, MOUTH offers a raw creative authenticity that fully sets E L L E out as an exciting new name intersecting avant-garde electronics with hard club sounds and more.

Get to know E L L E In Five…

Bogdan Raczynski – Why Why

This guy is a million years ahead of everyone else. Then I first heard this I was on the train. It illuminated everything and it does every time I hear it.

Electric Wizard – Funeralopolis

The atmosphere and power of this inspires me so much generally. I like this unstoppable feeling in the track, it feels primeval and cosmic. Slow like mud.

Lo Key – On That Devilshit

I love a really pretty sample with dark lyrics. Contrast features in a lot of what I make. The verb is so great. The snares. This track just bangs x10000.

Joanna Newsom – En Gallop

Really spent lots of moments as a teenager alone listening to this track. It just captures something really unearthly and beautiful. I started learning the harp because of this album.

Marie – Chao Grips

The other death grips track I would have chosen is hacker because really I’m a pretty tech-paranoid person. I don’t really like that we all have cameras on us all the time. But I love this chao garden x takyon a lot. I used to play sonic adventure 2 battle on the gamecube. The dark chao garden tune also slapped.

‘MOUTH’ is out now. 

Photo credit: @mikaylajeanmiller