On her latest single, rising newcomer DYLAN channels her fury into song, “Good Enough” sees her racing through possibilities before reaching the ultimate epiphany – “I was never not good enough”. The second chapter of her sophomore EP, Red, again shows DYLAN’s growth as a songwriter and conceptual artist.

“I was really angry when I wrote this,” she explains. “I wasn’t even with the person I wrote it about, it was so messed up you could barely call it seeing each other. That person made me feel like I would never be good enough for anyone. I hurt for a very long time after it ended, but after I wrote it all down the hurt went away. Everything that was said I let get to my head, and it made me feel worthless, yet written down it was madness. I was never not good enough.”

The music video really captures DYLAN’s mood and takes the track outside of its origins, outside of her head, and into the reality of her life as a musician, complete with starring roles from her live band.

You’re still quite new. How have you been finding the music industry thus far?

I think it’s awesome. It’s full of the most incredibly talented and inspirational people. Can’t wait to get back into the real world lol.

Has growing up in Suffolk affected your journey?

I don’t think it prepared me for how big the world is. However as there’s not too much to do down here I think it made me work very hard to get out. It was the best place to be as a child and for getting away for a bit but all I want to do now is go take over the world. 

What’s your normal process when it comes to creating music? 

I’m not sure there is a normal way for me. There’s never been a pattern. I tend to make a bad decision, feel a certain way, and want to recreate what I was feeling. Can begin with a word, melody or chord. 

We’re noticing a trend in using colours for EP titles. First, there was Purple & Red is out soon. Can you explain why colours help you summarise your work & do you think you’ll continue to do so in the future?

Colours are very universal – for me they portray emotion normally a lot better than words do. Purple was me just stepping out into the world and trying to define myself and at that moment the music I was writing was very dark and mysterious and unsure. After I released Purple I was in a place trying to understand the way that people felt for each other. I was pretty heartbroken writing all of these songs and I was very angry at the world – how a people can be such a significant part of your world and then disappear completely. Red is me coming to terms with passion, anger and love. The future is uncertain at the moment, but I’m very happy with how my music is ageing at the same time that I am. Red is me putting everything into song that I’m feeling right now. The next project will reflect how I feel then.

Is there any particular artists that have helped shape the music you make?

I think if Flume, Glass Animals, and Lorde had a love child, it would be the music I’m making. I really look up to them and the way their music makes me feel. 

We noticed you paint designs for guitars. How would you describe your relationship with other art forms?

Anything creative I want to give it a go. I especially love painting (especially guitars). My mum is an artist so taught me how to paint at a very young age. I also LOVE dancing, Will never be very good at it, but I love it. I don’t have much control over my limbs you see and it doesn’t make me look very graceful. 

What is the first thing you’re going to do when the lockdown is over?

Go for a cold one with the boys

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