Dum Dum Girls // Live Review

Hoxton Bar & Kitchen – December 14th

dum dum main

“You are SO cool,” shrieks an overexcited fan. Usually this sort of heckling in such a small and compact venue would be slightly cringey. But, in this instance you can’t blame them, because the Dum Dum Girls are indeed, seriously freaking cool.

To nail the point in further, is the fact that their name pays double homage to The Vaselines album entitled Dum Dum and the Iggy Pop song ‘Dum Dum Boys’, which is seriously blasé, yet oh so brilliant. At a sold out show in hoxton it’s clear they’ve cracked the musical code on popularity.

Strutting onto the stage with a foray of whistles and cheers the feisty felines launch into ‘Bedroom Eyes’. Shooting smoldering looks to kill, lead singer and guitarist Dee Dee is a show-stopping attraction in her own right. Purring into the microphone, invoking a feeling of nostalgia, as the guitar twangs and backing melodies are not dissimilar to a gutsier version of The Bangles.

‘I’ll be your girl’ brings a sense of thought, the haunting pangs of vocal melodies and rhythmic tambourine conjuring up mental images of faraway lands with an eclectic bohemian vibe. It could be defined, in more simple terms, as hippy-chic. ‘Coming Down’ also allows Dee Dee to showcase her vocal ability and showmanship, where both her sensitive and unnerving propensities go hand in hand. The only downside is that they don’t play ‘Always Looking’, it’s always disappointing when a band doesn’t play your favourite song.

Infusing new and old tracks throughout the set, the stunning vocal strains and effortless charms of each band member, allow the Dum Dum Girls to stand out as an understated work of art in the making.