Drug Store Romeos craft cosmic, wistful pop imbued with swirling psychedelic-hues and ethereal magnetism. As the trio release their new single ‘Quotations for Locations’, we caught up with them to talk comedy, fave Instagram accounts and The Secret Life Of Plants.

With a gentle, shimmering magic at the core, ‘Quotations for Locations’ purveys a breezy, lo-fi sonic haven replete with unassumingly catchy dance grooves. It’s a perfect introspective bop that is at once gracefully buoyant and tinged with pensive melancholy. Only the third single from the Fleet trio, this latest track furthers Drug Store Romeos’ reputation and aptitude for creating richly intoned and intricate minimalism within their music and we can’t wait to hear more.

Speaking on the release, the band details, “‘Quotations For Locations’ is a song that zooms in on some intricacies of life which in turn causes you to zoom out from yours. Allowing you to then become completely enveloped in it’s minimalist arrangement and light dancey groove.”

The track arrives accompanied by an enchanting video, made by vocalist Sarah Downey, that further captures this gloriously charming world that Drug Store Romeos craft.

Get to know the trio In Short…

Three words to describe our music…

– Charlie

Favourite instagram account… 

I’m going to give you 4 because I can’t decide!

– C

I think you should listen to…

Just because I did last night – listen to polka dots and moonbeams by Wes Montgomery at night whilst lying on your bed and sipping a jasmine green tea. Candle light helps enhance the mood.
– C

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be…

We were due to play right next to a fjord surrounded by mountains in Iceland this summer which obviously isn’t happening anymore … so there :,(
– C

Last photo on your phone…

A fancy jar of reduced creme fraiche
– Sarah

The best venue I’ve played… 

Bizarre goth night club in reading
– S

The thing I most love to cook is… 

Tomato pasta! The pasta and sauce, half fresh tomatoes and half tinned plum tomatoes is my secret… and lots of garlic.
– S

A book I love… 

The Secret Life Of Plants
– S

If I could see anyone play live it would be… 

– S

The worst job I’ve ever had…

I tend to learn to enjoy an aspect of most of the jobs I do for money but I once did 2, 14 hour silver service events shifts from 10am-12pm in 2 days and that was 27 hours of pain, with light fun splashed about here and there
– Jonny

My Favourite word…

I’m stumped on that one, so I’ll have to say stumped
– J

Things that cheer me up…

Comedy – mostly stand up (Dave Chappelle), jokes by real people in life like full on live, exercise, music, cold showers and the Wim Hof method
– J

‘Quotations for Locations’ is out now on Fiction. 

Drug Store Romeos headline SET Dalston on 19th November. Tickets here.

Photo credit: Drug Store Romeos