Drenge – Undertow // Album Review

drengeInfectious – April 6th

Undertow is a confident second album that steps out of the shadow of its predecessor whilst attaining all the essential qualities of Drenge’s raucous, blues-hook sound. Running just over a minute, the album begins with an introduction track that flies into noisy riff stomper ‘Running Wild’. With this and ‘Never Awake’, there is a definite indication of musical change that still drives with the same sinister tone that’s attracted their popularity. But it’s tracks like ‘We Can Do What We Want’ and ‘Favourite Son’, which are the most memorable; with catchy hooks and relentless vocals, they are the angst filled numbers that you’ll be finding on the “Greatest Bands of 2015” playlists.

The second half of the record gets interesting becoming more love or hate. It’s fresh in not sounding like the first side, but it takes a couple of listens to understand what the band are trying to do; credible and definitely a positive indication of the Loveless brothers not getting stale with their music writing. Nevertheless, the band’s signature style: embodying that angry, reclusive kid at the back of the class squashing flies on the window whilst contemplating a very long stroll through the moors with a lighter is anything but gone. ‘The Woods’ and the album titled instrumental ‘Undertow’ being the perfect soundtrack to such a scene; grim, intriguing and most of all, unapologetic to anybody taking notice.


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