Dream Wife wasn’t even meant to be a real band. Devised as a conceptual performance piece – by Icelandic singer Rakel Mjöll and fellow art school students Alice Go and Bella Podpadec – the line between fantasy and reality rapidly blurred when it transpired the trio’s material was too strong to remain confined within its intended parameters. Two years and a brace of killer songs and riotous live shows later, the Brighton-formed, London-based three-piece are rapidly establishing themselves as one of the most exciting young groups in the country.

Taking their name from a progressive, 1950s romantic comedy, and boasting an impeccable set of influences that range from Debbie Harry and Kathleen Hanna to Grimes, the trio use pastel-coloured power-pop as a vehicle for feminist messaging. Last July’s breakout track, ‘F.U.U’, found Mjöll purring, “I’m gonna fuck you up, gonna cut you up, gonna fuck you up,” over a malevolent, glitter-smeared groove located somewhere between CSS and Peaches. The lead track from last month’s self-titled EP only raised the bar higher.

From its flirtatious, handclap-sprinkled verses, to the predatory chorus driven by Le Tigre-flavoured girl-gang vocals, the Ex Hex-ish ‘Hey Heartbreaker’ is pretty much the perfect ode to a crush. Who knows, if Dream Wife can keep up this level of brilliance, they might just end up being our dream band.


Live: The Finsbury – May 27th